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The going rate for a self-driving car engineer in Silicon Valley is, depending on who you ask, as much as $10 million a head. Google knows as much; it arranged a $120...Black Flag; Truck Yeah; The Garage. I consider this more of a truck-type bed rather than a trunk because it utilizes what I called a. I’m also quite fond of.You may also like. The A.V. Club. In “Vegas,” Lucifer gets by with a little help (and card counting) from his friends. Redirecting to the Gizmodo store in.

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It’s still kind of hard to believe the 600-horsepower Subaru WRX STI tinkered on by Prodrive is built on the bones of a regular-ass WRX STI that I could.BMW, constantly looking toward the future, said Thursday that it will have 12 fully-electric vehicles ready by 2025, in addition to 13 hybrids. One of those we’re.